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March 6, 2020

February 18, 2020

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April 27, 2017

A recent discussion on Twitter from a Deputy Headteacher and Director of Inclusion about how it is not a teachers job to ‘fix’ attachment in children led me to

March 9, 2017

Yesterday I was talking to a lively and spirited young woman who I had the pleasure to meet a few weeks ago. She is one of those people who’s inner beauty just

February 17, 2017

I’ve always been interested in the concept of attachment, it has just always made sense to me. Feeling safe and secure is a base need, we can survive without it

February 9, 2017

Have you always known that you were not really wanted? Or, did you feel that you were not CHOSEN? That you were a mistake of some kind, or wrong in some way...

January 27, 2017

Until I started therapy recently, I had no idea that this was even a thing. I explained my situation and various bits and bobs and my therapist told me she thin

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