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May 25, 2017

There is perhaps nothing more difficult in life than dealing with the loss of a loved one. Everyone expresses grief in their own way. Some internalise their..

April 20, 2017

There's no doubt that coach-counsellor integrationists are working at the cutting-edge of mental health. We are the trailblazers for a..

“The sad thing is, Kirkup said, Suicide doesn't end the pain. It just passes it on to someone else." Grief is a strange thing. Unless you have lost someone close it is so hard to understand, the pain just doesn’t go away after the funeral, that is..

The death of a loved one is hugely painful. Although many have tried to conceptualise it as such, bereavement is not a...

January 21, 2017

The process of grief is complicated and can have a massive effect on how we think and behave. There are often so many conflicting emotions to deal with - guilt is just one of them – but is one that can really stop us from moving on through the process.

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