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Nice Girls Don’t Hit

December 5, 2016




Big Boys don’t cry and 


Nice girls don’t HIT.. not first, not with fists. 


Voices from my childhood sit we with me, in my head while I sit 


With you 


Moved by the pain I see and feel, 


Searching for reasons why this might be 


Big Boys don’t cry, and nice girls don’t HIT… not first, not with fists 




So different to how its’s supposed to be?  


In your world and mine but quite possibly 


It sometimes is.. and therein will lie my curiosity and our discovery 


My thoughts and your reality rush into this space together  




But what matters now is for you and me, 


With the pain and shame and hurt that’s real 


Is the hope that we can walk together, 


Propelled by your courage,  


Into the unknown,  


Speaking the unspeakable, the uncertain, the frightening 


Into a new something, a new understanding, a new way of being 




Big boys DO cry 


And nice girls Do hit – first, with fists 


And as you learn about you, I learn about me 









Author's Bio

Mandy Irons is a practicing BACP registered counsellor and clinical supervisor, currently working in a Hospice. She is passionate about many things but especially the power of the written word as a reflexive tool, coming together as a community and finding ways to help counsellors and clients find their creative voice. You can contact Mandy via Twitter




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