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Friend or Foe? - making sense of friendships

Have you ever thought wow that was a bit harsh from someone you thought was your bestie?

Well as we all know girls do have disagreements with their girlfriends but sometimes it’s taken beyond the bar.

When you suffer with mental health you need all the support you can get and suddenly you get a comment from a friend that was a bit harsh and out of the blue.

So is your best friend really a friend?

Some could say that when suffering with mental health issues friends should be there to support you and help you while you get well. This is not always the case; sometimes your friend can feel like your foe.

When things are not going the best for you, you could always talk to your closest friends, thinking nothing of it but sometimes the response you get isn’t always friendly.

For example your're having a down day, you think having a girly chat will make you feel better. However, when your friend just turns around and says “you just need to cheer up”, you are then left on the other side of the phone speechless. Comments like these can make you feel worse than you did when you first picked up the phone.

How do you exactly react to that comment coming from someone you thought was your best friend?

I have the answer from previous experience. It's just best to talk it out so that there is no awkwardness between you both, just explain that it's not that easy or that simple when you have a mental illness, make them aware of how it feels to you and just explain that you find it hard to accept comments like that and hopefully they will understand what you’re saying.

Authors Bio


Gemma describes herself as an ordinary girl, fighting her way through life. She lives in a small town in South Wales (where everyone knows each other) where you'll regularly find her by the water, whether that be lakes or a beach somewhere. And it is this and her love of music that soothes and relaxes her.

In Gemma's words: "I write my own Mental Health Blog it’s a work in progress but I think it can be great. I bet your wondering why a mental health blog? Well the answer is because I suffer with mental health. I suffer with Depression and Anxiety they are extremely hard to battle. Sometimes I win sometimes I lose... just as long as I don’t give up the fight".

Read Gemma's blog here as she shares her thoughts along her mental health journey.

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