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LCPC "Elsie" Celebrates their Second Anniversary

The Leicester Centre for Psychodynamic Counselling (LCPC) celebrates its second year. Affectionately going by the moniker “Elsie” by the staff and students.

Two years have flown by and have seen so many developments. LCPC are delighted to have established a working community at Number 12. Jason Hughes, the founder of LCPC said that "I established LCPC to be a safe place for people to come to for counselling sessions. It’s also a fantastic hub that trains new counsellors, supports a community of practitioners, and develops and refines practice" – a centre for delivering training and events for counsellors, psychotherapists and the general public, while also offering counselling training courses.

After just 6 months Jay wrote on the LCPC blog that “While we must give ourselves the chance to look back and appreciate what has been achieved, we must also focus on the future and ensure we remain committed to our vision." Well, they certainly did that.

LCPC shared that "Alongside the growing client work – providing affordable and timely counselling remains our priority” I think 2 years on, the mission, and the vision remains the same and it’s exciting to see how much things have evolved in just 2 years. LCPC are looking forward to the future and I must say so are we. We were honoured to be there for the launch of LCPC 2 years ago and have been delighted by the success of their vision so far.

As they continue to establish their supportive community and look to the bright future of "Elsie" they give a huge thank you to all who have worked so hard and contributed to the provision of their counselling and training service. “We are working on building a community, and piece by piece this is taking shape.” Founder Jay Hughes from LCPC blog Happy Birthday “Elsie”

LCPC offer counselling appointments (including low-cost appointments), train new counsellors, provide innovative Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events, and support a community of psychodynamic practitioners.

To learn more about their work or to get in touch, head to their website or connect via Twitter or Facebook

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