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Train as a Couples Counsellor with Marriage Care

October 22, 2019



Marriage Care are running their exceptional CRC (Certificate in Relationship Counselling) training course again! The course trains practitioners to counsel couples using the Emotionally Focussed Therapy approach and provides them with a 70 hour placement, at a local centre, to put their skills into practice. After completion of the CRC it is our hope that trainees will continue with us; benefitting from ongoing CPD, training and further support.




Here is what our counsellors say about training and volunteering with Marriage Care:



‘’Volunteering as a counsellor with Marriage Care has been a life changing experience. I have learnt so many new skills and made life-long friends. It feels wonderful to be part of an organisation with a genuine desire to make a difference in people's lives. ‘’



‘’The initial training was excellent and a perfect foundation to enable this rewarding work with couples.’’



"With Marriage Care you get to enjoy professional counselling training and support, and quality national and training events.’’



‘’What I enjoy most about volunteering with Marriage Care is the support of other local counsellors and an excellent supervisor.’’



‘’The Training event and Conference are most enjoyable -they lend a deeper sense of togetherness, and harmony. I also really appreciate receiving the support from my supervisor.’’



"The best aspects to volunteering with Marriage Care are working with couples and seeing the change, my colleagues and the excellent training and ethos of the organisation.’’



‘’There are few things more worthwhile than being involved in the work of supporting relationships. It is a privilege to walk with people for a while as they work to make things better. ’



Our CRC training is delivered over four residential weekends where trainees receive face-to-face training and support - accommodation and meals are provided and travel expenses are covered. We provide supervision and insurance as well as a 70 hour placement as part of the course - all for a very competitive price of £1800.



After the third weekend of training (3 months in) trainees start working with couples at their local centre and complete their placement hours over the next 6-8 months.



Counsellors who continue with Marriage Care after the training/placement receive ongoing CPD, Supervision, local /regional support, travel expenses and insurance for a minimal commitment of just two counselling sessions per week.



The training will take place over four weekends in 2020 (dates TBA). Recruitment for the role will involve interview at your local Marriage Care centre and participation in a national Selection Day. Training and Selection days will take place at Kent’s Hill Park Training and Conference Centre, Milton Keynes.



For more information and to apply please email: volunteer@marriagecare.org.uk or click here to visit Marriage Care website.



Please note applicants will need to hold a Level 4 Diploma in counselling (or equivalent) and have completed a minimum of 100 hours counselling practice to apply for this role. 




About Marriage Care



Marriage Care is the largest faith-based relationship support charity in the UK. We believe supporting couple relationships is a matter of social justice as poor relationships lead to greater inequalities and injustice in our society. 



We’ve been supporting people on their relationship journeys for over 70 years. Working across England and Wales our team of over 650 trained and passionate volunteers provide marriage preparation and relationship counselling at a low cost through our 50 centres and 100 counselling locations. If you would like to find out more about Marriage Care please visit our website.


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