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Why Choose Kiku?

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Designed by therapists, Kiku has everything you’ll need to both run and grow a successful counselling service.

Kiku understands the business of counselling

With many years of experience in running our own private counselling services, we’ve designed Kiku with the needs of both therapists and clients in mind.

We’ve drawn upon the challenges we’ve encountered to create a system that streamlines the business of therapy for everyone involved.

Be Supported

We’ll support you to be the best therapist you can be. With Kiku you’ll be able to offload the majority of the administration of your service, so that you can focus on doing what you were trained to do.

You can customise your account to fit your brand and business needs. Add your logo to the documents you create, define your terms of business and create your own email templates to be automatically issued to clients.

Be Seen

Our four step ‘Find a Therapist’ process with its search by availabilityfilter ensures that the right clients will always find you.

Where other directories produce pages and pages of results, Kiku’s greater precision means that when a prospective client is looking for a service that you offer, at a time you have available, they will see your profile.

For even greater visibility, boost your profile to feature in the highlighted listings for your area.

Maximise Your Bookings

Starting therapy is stressful and new clients want to get booked in straight away. It’s therefore easy to miss out on new referrals while we’re away from our devices.

Kiku lets you accept new referrals anytime, anywhere without having to do a thing. We’ll automatically issue all the necessary information to you and your client, process payment and update your diary.

Our Available Now feature also helps you to fill gaps in your diary on the day.

Protect Your Income

Say goodbye to the frustration of unpaid DNA and late cancellation fees.

With Kiku your clients pay at the point of booking, protecting you against these kind of losses.

Kiku lets you accept card payments with ease and once a client has registered with you via the system, they can pay with their Kiku account, simply using their phone or tablet.

Attract The Right Clients

For a counselling service to be successful, we need repeat bookings and repeat bookings happen when there is a good relational fit between client and therapist.

Your Kiku profile allows you to really express your ethos, therapeutic style and personality in a way that is simple, clear and succinct, so clients can get a good sense of who you are.

This and the precision of our search, will help the right clients to find you.

Give Your Clients What They Want

Kiku has been designed to simplify the process of finding a therapist and to help clients to manage their therapy sessions easily and confidentially.

Providing greater convenience and confidentiality, clients can manage their bookings online without having to contact their therapist directly, pay using their Kiku account and message their therapist using the Kiku secure 2FA protected system.

Intersted in Joining Kiku?

To celebrate our launch, we’re offering you a 3 month subscription free trial.

This offer is valid until 8 April 2020.

Come and join us!

To learn more about Kiku, you can visit the Kiku website Here

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