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Our minds

Complex. Often misunderstood. Stress.

Regrets. Pains withstood. A beautiful mess.

Happiness. Love. Moments of peace.

Times when we need an emotional release.

We take for granted the strength of our mind. Feelings intertwined; an emotional web completely unrefined.

The lows can shake and break us. The highs can make us. Our unique foundation, these very same lows can build us.

Do not be burdened by your lows; life is a thorned rose. Going past the prickly moments, you reach the top, finding beauty and serenity.

Embracing the thorns of life is what we should adopt; being proud of your identity. Being proud of yourself, mentally.

You hopefully now see our mind's true strengths. The inner wars it faces, the emotional lengths.

Through everything you have been through, where are you? Here. You are still here. With your whole life in view.

Unlock your mind, free yourself and be open to communication. Your mind is a room in your home; speaking is a tool for its renovation.

No matter what, to others and yourself, be true. Be unapologetically you.

by Hilal Ozduru


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