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The Counsellors Café Magazine

"Creating opportunities to come together, share and inspire"


The Counsellors Café is more than a magazine. We're a community, a tribe if you will, of like minded people who have come together to support, inspire and learn from one another.


We are passionate about improving the image of Therapy and the wellbeing of psychotherapeutic professionals. Dedicated to reducing stigma, by reframing mental health and easing access to services.

The Counsellors Café is about bringing people together through conversation and contribution. Supporting individuals, groups and companies to develop and grow.

Now almost three years since our launch, our founders Dionne and Victoria and the C.C. Magazine's small team continue to build on it's successes. Developing even more exciting new ideas for the future. Many of which have come from you, our readership and engaged growing community. 


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