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Advertising with us puts you in front of a growing audience of 40,000 monthly readers and over 35,000 engaged connections on social media. An audience of Counsellors, Therapists, Psychologists, Coaches, Wellbeing Professionals, trainees and people with an interest in improving their wellbeing or making changes to their lifestyle from accessing online content.

The Counsellors Café Magazine is the only independent, free access magazine bringing the therapeutic community from all professional associations and people with an interest in improving their mental health, physical health and wellbeing together in one place. Get in touch to request our media kit, outlining our audience's marketing potential, simply.

Partnering with businesses that are of interest to our audience means that our success is yours. Offering you the opportunity to reach your target audience with ease with our bespoke marketing campaigns. Promoting your business, services, products, books, training, events and workshops.

We offer many advertising opportunities and solutions, including:

- sponsored articles/posts

- newsletter take-overs

- newsletter adverts

- visual adverts in magazine

- banner advertising 

- event listings

- training listings

- social media campaigns

- competitions

- reviews

Elevate your advertising. Get in touch with Chris today and see how you can reach our engaged and motivated audience of professionals, trainees and enthusiasts.

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