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The Counsellors Café – Connecting with fellow counsellors!

When I was training to be a therapist, I really valued speaking to fellow trainees about theories, ideas and working in the therapy room. There was something about us all training together that made me feel part of a group and safe.

Fast forward to becoming a qualified therapist and having graduated from university and I found myself feeling like a rabbit caught in headlights. I was out in the big wide world, with no tutors to turn to and no safety net of weekly lectures with my class where ideas and stories would be shared.

Then in late 2016 I discovered The Counsellors Café, a place for the mental health community to network, talk, meet new people and support each other.

When I found in The Counsellors Café, I felt part of a something again. I really wish I had discovered the forum a year ago, when I felt like I was the only new counsellor in the world. I love the idea of being able to post on the forum and connect with other counsellors; even trainees who I am sure would love the chance to hear about how qualified counsellors have found their journey

If you feel how I did, I encourage you to join The Counsellors Cafe forum (yes it is free). You will be a part of a unique community where you have a safety net, so you don’t feel alone.

Authors Bio


Zahraa is a Person Centred Therapist and Writer with a passion for mental health & supporting people through their life situations. Zahraa has shared that she also feels fortunate to have published two books, which can be found on Amazon, You can read more from Zahraa on her blog, on various topics which can be found on my website,

Zahraa has extended an open invitation to keep up to date with her journey as a therapist and her passion for supporting others in her blog, which you can find on her Facebook page

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