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Don't Rain On My Parade

Okay, so we all get down days but boy when you’re feeling happy, on top of the world, motivated and feel that you can fight anything; why is it suddenly then, that everyone asks about how you're feeling and why you're being so cheery?

For months you have been down in this hole, everyone around you just wants you to get better and get on with your life and when you finally get there they question you.

It is a mind maze. From personal experience I have this every time I get a good day, and I have even been asked if I had taken drugs. Really? So why is it when you’re suddenly feeling happy everyone has suddenly got question marks above their head?

For so long they wanted you to be happy, and you couldn’t be at that time. Now that you're feeling great it’s a big shock to them and it's really too hard to grasp that you have actually made it though this dark cloud. It's not even that they had doubts about you, it was just the fact it’s unexpected.

It’s also the fact that for so long they have seen you go for days without caring about food, personal hygiene or about anything really, to then becoming someone who is ready to face the world again.

It can take time for them to process that you're back, back to your life and you're out of bed before two in the afternoon.

If you're going though this now just give your family and friends time, it will all get better trust me.

Authors Bio


Gemma describes herself as an ordinary girl, fighting her way through life. She lives in a small town in South Wales (where everyone knows each other) where you'll regularly find her by the water, whether that be lakes or a beach somewhere. And it is this and her love of music that soothes and relaxes her.

In Gemma's words: "I write my own Mental Health Blog it’s a work in progress but I think it can be great. I bet your wondering why a mental health blog? Well the answer is because I suffer with mental health. I suffer with Depression and Anxiety they are extremely hard to battle. Sometimes I win sometimes I lose... just as long as I don’t give up the fight".

Read Gemma's blog here as she shares her thoughts along her mental health journey.

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