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The Perfect Balance of Learning and Rest

​Ayanay is dedicated to supporting therapeutic professionals and focused on improving the client experience.

The term Ayanay refers to people who are trailblazers, torch-bearers, researchers, teachers, and those who show others the way. They are leaders, motivators and idealistic visionaries who are self-aware.

Ayanay was founded by Vonnie Crosbie and restructured into its current model, in April 2018, after receiving a diagnosis of cancer in January 2018. The diagnosis, treatment and recovery meant Vonnie’s private psychotherapy practice (APS Psychotherapy & Counselling) went into suspended animation. This resulted in time to create and develop ideas, around how the Therapeutic industry can unite, grow, and develop. Not just for the professionals but for the service of those that seek the support of Therapists, Counsellors and Coaches. The Clients.

Ayanay is the collaborative efforts of two companies APS Psychotherapy & Counselling and Hive Group UK, which came together early in 2018 while Vonnie was still going through her cancer treatment. The collaboration with Hive Group UK, gives Ayanay a truly unique set of skills. Linking the therapeutic, counselling, and coaching worlds together in a way that has not been seen before, in the UK.

With Hive Group UK Managing Director David Sleet. (Author of ‘The Psychological Hive – Connectivity For Success’) accepting the role of Managing Director of Ayanay, our whole existence is testimony to the power of collaboration.

Ayanay works to provide the best possible package of support to the therapeutic community, through Elite Membership and Elevated Learning Retreats.

Ayanay believe that the best professionals should be given the best support. Not only to develop their own best practice, through increased awareness, but also to grow their business capacity through: facilitation of Elevated Learning Modules, Effective Networking, and Introductions to additional revenue streams. This means members can also have the opportunity to promote their own workshops and presentations and ultimately to be paid for delivering them to Ayanay Elite Members.

Vonnie and David also saw the impacts on professionals of not being able to reach their supervisor. Whether that was due to the supervisor being sick, on holiday, or just unobtainable at the point of most need.

With increasing numbers of professionals, needing to supplement their income and many not practicing, Ayanay sought to create a community of professionals that could ultimately learn, grow, and support each other. Using the same psychological awareness and approach that gave Ayanay life.

With an ethos of supporting the therapeutic professional to achieve, Ayanay truly supports those that support others. It is partly why the Ayanay Elevated Learning Retreats take place in the tranquillity of the Sugnall Hall Estate, in the Staffordshire Countryside. Giving guests the perfect balance of Learning and Rest.

Allowing professionals to enjoy the luxurious and peaceful environment of the Jaques Family Home, Sugnall Hall, rather than a corporate Hotel, while they experience the Elevated Learning, is, to Ayanay a vital component for growth as well as self-care.

In less than a year Ayanay has developed a full range of CPD presentations that are delivered in conjunction with Guest Speakers at the Elevated Learning Retreats and various events. Guests such as, Professor Windy Dryden and Author Madeleine Black. Ayanay are also extremely proud to be able to offer professionals the opportunity to interact with Professor Irvin D Yalom in April (via a Live Video Link).

Vonnie and David have also been invited to Judge on an international awards panel, relating to Therapeutic & Coaching Businesses from around the globe. Ayanay has also developed a Special Project team, from within its membership, to promote and develop psychological awareness in others, so that, they, their businesses, and organisations, can develop and grow for the benefit of everyone.

Ayanay is proving that collaborative working, even for professionals in private practice, or working as a sole trader, can be an effective means of increasing success for clients and success for the professional. Ayanay will continue to bring together and collaborate with the best advocates for effective working and elevated practice.

The membership benefits of Ayanay include:

  • Opportunity to become an AYANAY Facilitator

  • Discounted Career Professional Development

  • 25% discount on all AYANAY Retreats*


If you are interested in finding out more about Ayanay membership or the work Vonnie and David do, you can make contact with them via their website.

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