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Our Magazine

The Counsellors Café Magazine brings people together through conversation, contribution and collaboration. A platform to connect, explore, share knowledge and experiences with our peers and wider audience. Increasing awareness and breaking down barriers to support with articles which inform and entertain; improving wellbeing and mental health for all. 

Our Readers & Contributors

Our readers are anyone and everyone. Whether we are professionals working in counselling & mental health, students, people with a general interest in therapy, psychology, mental health, wellbeing and self-care, or those living with the challenges of mental health. Everyone Really!.

Our Topics*

As for topic, we are open to ideas, and happy to discuss yours with you. The basic rule of thumb is, if its therapy or mental health related and important or interesting to you it's probably interesting to others. Tell your story, share your experience, engage and inspire!

*more info on topic ideas below 

Our Style

We are looking for articles and reviews that inform, entertain, inspire, challenge, engage and empower; promoting self care, mindfulness, wellbeing, positive mental health and engagement with Therapy. We welcome submissions in the form of narrative; explorative articles and blogs; the sharing of experiences and knowledge from a personal or professional perspective. Your piece will be written in an informal narrative, which to us means to write as if you were speaking to a friend. Using your own inflection, tone and style. We want to share your voice, your words and showcase your knowledge and experiences. We are also happy to accept submissions in the form of illustrations, art, cartoons, caption pieces, poetry or fiction. We look for pieces that are topical, mental health or therapy related or simply human!

Get In Touch!

So, all you need do now is have a think about what you'd like to write and get back to us. We're happy to help, even if its just to thrash out a few ideas with you. Drop us a line or send us a pitch via email or message us on social media, if it's easier we're happy to arrange a call ...we'd love you to write for our magazine and join in the conversation!

Pages & Topic Ideas


The Wellbeing Pages offer you the opportunity to share knowledge, offering guidance, insights and information. Promoting self-care, mindfulness, wellbeing, positive mental health and engagement with Therapy, whilst showcasing your talents and demystifying therapy.

Your Stories (Being Human)

We’re all human and for most of us life isn't simple. It can sometimes feel like a never ending cascade of troubles and challenges. Dealing with the challenges of mental health can leave us feeling confused and isolated, but knowing that others have experienced these too really helps. Share your experience and what’s helped you along the way. We all need a little hope in our lives. 

In Therapy (Lessons Learned)

Tell us a story. Share your experience with us. Explore the lessons learned in life, in training or in the Therapy room. We love to learn and what better way than through your instructive, enlightened and sometimes amusing recounts of life's lessons. Reframing our perspectives and allowing us to grow together.

Views & Topical News (opinion pieces)

Awareness events, research projects, government legislation, current events etc. Passionate about something? Want to create a discussion piece to get people interested? Have some local, national or international news you’d like to share? Here’s the place to do it!

Culture - Music, Theatre, Art, Events, Movies and TV

News, reviews and conversations, including information on local, national and international events

Student Life

Share your experiences, your struggles and your victories. Lessons learned in training or in life. How about sharing your new found discoveries, something you’re passionate about. Share the books, experiences and topics that inspire you and the revelations that have caused you to grow on your learning journey.

If you're still considering the benefits of writing, take a look at this article from the lovely and knowledgeable Kate Codrington

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