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EWS - Practice In Focus

In the south west of England lies the picturesque fishing town of Brixham. And nestled amidst this beautiful, sea scented retreat is the Emotional Wellbeing and Support Clinic, affectionately known as EWS.

When Dexter and Jenny-Louise, a husband and wife team, set up the EWS Clinic in October 2015 they created a holistic haven of emotional and physical wellbeing. An insightful concept when you consider the ever increasing research and media coverage dedicated to the links between your physical health and mind.

Having trained in Humanistic Counselling at Nottingham University, Dexter is very firmly anchored in person centred counselling; believing that whatever the presenting issue, he looks at how it ultimately affects a person on an emotional level.

Dexter, a Person Centred Counsellor and Jenny-Louise a Holistic Therapist have combined their skills to offer either as a stand alone service or a combination of the two to create a holistic mind and body experience.

As a client centred therapist Dexter believes that clients have the ability to heal themselves

saying that “they just need the right environment in which to explore their feelings and emotions in safety” and that is exactly what Dexter offers at the EWS clinic. Facilitating the counselling sessions by being present with the client whilst they explore their feelings, doing so in an empathic, non-judgemental way; all the time being present with the client.

Therapy with Dexter is non-directive, so the client leads the session allowing them to explore their feelings in a direction that suits them. Dexter believes that every individual has their own internal resources for growth and change and works with his clients to support them to become more emotionally balanced and content, working on issues that are meaningful for the individual person.

Jenny Louise has practiced Holistic Therapy for many years, also using a Person Centred approach. Shehas observed that people seek out Reiki or Crystal Therapy for many reasons; from back pain relief to insomnia.

Ultimately Jenny-Louise has found that she is treating people on an emotional as well as physical level.

Whatever your belief in the healing power of Crystals or Reiki, the therapeutic benefits experienced by the many who have tried it cannot be denied. Jenny-Louise believes that the sensory experience and touch seem to be essential to the healing of mind and body. There is a feeling of well-being and calm which comes from the aesthetically pleasing environment which the EWS clients find themselves in when they visit. Soft lighting, crystals, mood music and nature themed pictures. This all promotes a much needed mind calming effect, which in turn causes people to become more receptive to the relaxation process.

Jenny-Louise says that as well as using Crystals and Reiki, which is one of the most effective treatments used for guided relaxation, there is a focus on the breathing process; particularly for those suffering from anxiety. In Jenny-Louise’s words “This is one of the easiest things to learn how to control when everything else seems to be out of control”.

At EWS the guided relaxations used are very much tailored to the needs of the client at the time, using a process of visualisation which is always kept simple. For instance it may be that a particular colour is brought to mind as client and therapist focus on their breath. At times using key words to connect with the moment; CALM, STRONG, RELEASE, ENERGISED.

Clients have noted that the results of this pleasing yet simple half hour therapy have been very effective, with people managing to control panic and anxiety attacks in their day to day lives. Jenny-Louise understands that every client is different so pays great attention and really connects, finding the best way to help, based on the pre-therapy chat which everyone is offered. Although the therapy and methods used may well evolve and develop in later sessions

For clients at the EWS an average of six sessions seems to be long enough for most people to be able to use the methods experienced to help in times of anxiety and stress, though many opt to come along for Reiki, Crystal Therapy or Relaxation sessions once a month – just because they enjoy it!

As well as being a stand alone service, Holistic Therapy is an optional choice offered to clients who are attending the Talking Therapy which Dexter provides. The client offer and the way in which they work at EWS may not be for everyone but they are starting to see some positive results from those who have chosen to work with them, noting that many clients have found a way to start to heal themselves.

*with thanks to Jenny-Louise for her support in writing this article


You can find more information on EWS or to speak with Dexter or Jenny-Louise on their website at EWS Emotional Wellbeing And Support Clinic Brixham

If you would like to be our next 'Practice In Focus' please get in touch!

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