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'mycoocoon' colour therapy delighting my senses

We’re obsessed with finding ‘wellness.’ But quite what that means or how to find time for it in a frantic world remains a challenge.

mycoocoon is the latest solution on the market, and uses the ancient art of colour therapy in order to help stressed urban dwellers find their equilibrium. Drawing on ancient practices seen in Egypt, India and China, founders Valérie Corcias & Dominique Kelly have used innovative new technology and the expertise of a team of designers, chromatherapists, gong masters, aromatherapists and more, to create these bizarre looking pods which offer a way of helping individuals move from ‘off colour’ to something a little more balanced.

You’ll remember from your science lessons that the colour spectrum of light is a form of energy, and is thought to stimulate different emotions through the vibrations and rhythms on the band. We all know that sunshine boosts mood, a black room is likely to bring us down, and there’s something calming about a cool blue.

But would lying in an egg shaped dome for 40 minutes really help me reconnect and feel at ease? I headed to the mycoocoon pop up centre in Soho to find out. They’ve come here after some successful stints across London, including Canary Wharf where they aimed to show city workers and companies how it can improve both personal health and productivity. Taking place in tower blocks and office buildings might seem strange, but these juxtapositions work well, and proves that wellness can be found anywhere.

On arrival, host Julie invited me out to the balcony to gaze in awe at the magnificent view of the London night skyline. An enthusiastic host she was welcoming and warm, keen to make the experience personal and valuable for me as an individual.

The whole experience really is centred around the individual, their personality, their needs and the specific moment. Settling me down on a cosy chair, Julie guided me through a whole array of colourful goodies.

I was asked to pick the scent I was most drawn to, and then through a selection of quick impulsive selections of the colours or images that most appealed on the institute app, created my unique colour profile for that moment.

The idea is that everyone will be drawn to the colour that best works for that moment, their energy balance, and immediate needs. I was apparently in a purple place, in need of relaxation, nurturing and a sense of stillness. Which sounded about bloody right.

Climbing into the pod and pulling the blankets over me, I was convinced I would be bored in seconds. However, all of these aspects came together in a full sensorial relaxation experience with lights, sounds and aromas, and it wasn’t long before I switched off. Gently roused by my host, it was all too soon over.

Afterwards, as I wrapped my hands around a tea selected to complement my colour and sound needs, I opened up as to my dubiousness prior to the whole experience. It was relaxing and nourishing, and I did sleep a hell of a lot better that night. However, despite this, and the fact that I know that my mood is affected by light and environment, was sitting in an artificial pod and paying £40 a pop to do so really the answer?

They do encourage people to visit as frequently as possible – ‘it’s like yoga, the more you do it, the better it works.’ At around £20k each, these colour pods aren’t quite so accessible as a yoga mat or meditation app, but certainly do offer something new. Individual sessions are around £40 each, and bookable through their website.

However, people are also encouraged to continue their therapy at home, and collaborations with other companies mean that there are badges, teas, scents, perfumes, energy stones and chocolate all available with which to do so. The fragrance wafting and chocolate melting on the tongue only adds to the multi sensory event. The app is also free for everyone to download and use, making it much more accessible as either an entry point to mycoocoon, or as top ups.

Connecting with the sense and all around us is something we should all do – laying in an egg or not. It encouraged me to be more aware of my surroundings, and more attuned to the different colours, smells and sounds that I came across in this synaesthetic world. mycoocoon is a great reminder of the beauty of life and how it affects us, and certainly worth investigating for that.

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Francesca Baker is an Innovative, enthusiastic and strategic marketing, media and insight professional with a passion for communications. With experience in data analysis, research, marketing and consultation in the advertising, digital, retail, arts and voluntary sectors. You can contact Francesca via Twitter

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