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Effective Ways to Promote Early Childhood Development

The process of learning in individuals begins right from the time when they are in the womb. While the infant learns to love, thrive and survive during the prenatal stage, it undergoes physical, emotional and social development after birth.

Although the phase of learning will continue all throughout the life of the child, it is the early Childhood Development that will decide what kind of a person the baby will grow into. Getting it right in the early years could mean a successful and healthy life for the child during the adolescent stage and then finally when he or she grows up to be an adult.

Start with simple goals

Early Childhood Development involves simple milestones which need to be achieved by babies to manifest signs of progress and learning. The milestones could be as simple as smiling for the first time, crawling for the first time, standing up, the first walk, and being able to say the first sensible word, (ignoring the blabbering of the months of infancy) are some of the initial milestones that would mark the progress of babies during their childhood years.

The rate of development will vary

An important thing that should be kept in mind is that the early Childhood Development rate will not be the same in all babies. While some babies will learn to sit, crawl and then walk, some will straight away learn to stand holding something and eventually begin to walk without crawling even once. While some may take 8-10 months to speak the first sensible word, some may take as much 12-15 months to do so.

Every child will have his own way of learning. If standard procedures of teaching do not work for a particular child, there is no problem in the child but a problem in the teaching technique. This is the time when parents have to be careful, caring and keep on trying different techniques. Early Childhood Development will happen easily for some, and for some babies it will need added strategies and planning.

Development during the growing years

Children who get coaching from their parents at home have the opportunity to manifest their strengths and weaknesses to their parents more effectively. As the baby grows into a child and starts going to school the early Childhood Development will continue. It is just that the markers of progress will change. Instead of that first smile, the performance of the student in the class assignments would be considered as marks of progress.

The development will not happen in academic aspects only. It should be the endeavor of teachers and parents to ensure that the child’s skills, strengths and weaknesses are being identified in the early years.

As already mentioned, early Childhood Development might become challenging in some cases but that is where caring and attitude of teachers and parents will prove to be key. With proper guidance, encouragement and motivation, early Childhood Development can be brought about in any child.

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