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Together until hats and Sabres, scarves and Ammo belts tilt and Fall or thrown Down! Bullets In psychological Psychobable we blew Others away Like Chaff!

You dashing and Daring and me Quiet, dismissive, assessing. Our foes dodging and Careening to get ‘way From your shots. My warnings.

Sparing none. Killing With kindness and Flare. Tragedy and Trauma. Both lived Brushed off, scarred A little, and so knew Our enemies Well.

Not versed and Unable to battle Similar. Spat ‘n Cursed ‘n had to Let us Pass undeterred.

But harm they Did. Blatantly. Traps. Audaciously, withering with Lies and supported by Cavalry and legions of Followers, sheep, braying, Stinking others who Thought we were Outgunned by seniority.

Pseudo superiority. They Shot down, we battle Weary. Back to back. Butch and Sun Dance. You slim and Deft and defiant. Confident. Me heavy and Slow, somber looking. Attached to thinking. Acting mute.

Throwing all, silent Fingers of vengeance and Despised eyes of Demise, a Phoenix rises From ashes and So warned they Burned. Mightily. We Still laugh at their Moxie and With our children tell Of bravery in Battle, little big stories. Inspired by your tracings of invisible marks and rememberings of days past EK.

By Michael Opoku-Forfieh


Resources Seven is the Wind by Menahan Street Band – this song frames this poem Sketches in Spain by Miles Davis Pecking Order Margaret Heffernan T.E.D. Talk Fugitive – Indigo Girls This is Love Podcast The Wolves

Michael Opoku-Forfieh

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