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POEM: Losing Me

If I lose my mind

Will I know?

Will I spend my days searching

for those lost memories?

Will I get occasional glimpses

of childhood, of love, of laughter?

If I lose my memories

Do I still exist?

Will my ‘self ‘ have gone?

If I forget, did it ever really happen?

And if I’ve forgotten it, was it ever worth doing?

Will all those days of love and laughter vanish in the blink of an eye?

How will I know...


If I lose my mind

Will I still love you?

Are my emotions washed away

Or are they hidden somewhere so deep that I just can’t find them at the moment?

And if I lose my mind

Will you still love me?

Will you remember the girl,

The young woman, the mother?

The friend, the lover?

Will you treat me with the same gentleness-

Or will I frustrate and annoy you?

Will my empty, unresponsive shell

Just be a bitter reminder of all we have lost?

Can you forgive my carelessness

When I lose my mind?

by Pam McCarthy, MBACP - April 2018.


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