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Today I planted a wildflower garden

To honour our time together .I chose a flower for each of us .

you will all bloom in my hart and in my garden forever.

We are of one garden but each their own wild bloom

We dance we sing we play, unlimited in our flowing.

We flourish unexpectedly in, designated breakout rooms.

We are bonded flower family, water loo, forget me not smiles.

We have Zoom eyed, selfheal blue, pimpernel bird song buds.

We have fairy foxglove fingers, brining magic to our collective wiles.

We are free sun, warmed poppy seed tea, robin song.

We are burdock Velcro stuck, honey suckle protected.

We are briar thorn anemone forsaken, drop box strong.

We are cleansing, shimmering blazing thoughts of sage.

We are winds of change, dandelion seed clock spread.

We are our idea’s germinating across each journal page.

We will be June ,a new beginning .how time flew.

We are Bugle fire, borage courage, Clover luck,

We have Diploma! will travel. looking for pastures new!!

By Elizabeth Williams

#WorldPoetryDay2021 #friendship

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