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Books Share - Fear of The Abyss

Dr Aleta Edwards book is well respected, receiving many positive reviews and not just from the world of psychology and psychotherapy. Most self-help or personal growth books help their readers learn to “cope” better with one specific problem that troubles them. In contrast, Fear of the Abyss offers healing for a wounded core by providing guidance to those with a certain constellation of issues, which Dr. Edwards calls the “PCS” personality. While perfectionism, control, and shame may be the issues that readers most easily relate to, they form part of a pattern that also includes such issues as rigidity, black-and-white thinking, indecisiveness, and relationship difficulties caused by a need to be needed. Dr. Edwards sees this entire constellation as rooted in a core fear that varies from person to person. It is the object of this fear that she calls the “abyss.”

Through a series of clinical vignettes drawn from her own experience as well as exercises accompanying most chapters, she helps the reader develop self-awareness and compassion for him- or herself, as well as a greater sense of authenticity.


"Awesome book! This book really helps you understand your issues. I feel like the author is talking directly to me and knows my life"

"Dr. Edwards has written a wonderful book for anyone dealing with the problems ...of shame, perfectionism, and control".

"I really enjoyed this book and found it very helpful. Dr. Aleta has a real knack for pinpointing the core fears that so many of us carry around with us"

"Great book with a lot of insight for therapists. I am a hard critic and I still give it its due"

“Dr. Edwards has truly been the catalyst to change in my life. Her book helped me understand the deep ‘why’ I was feeling the way I felt…She connects the dots for you.”

"You can see a sample or order 'Fear of the Abyss' on Dr Aleta Edward's website


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