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The Therapist's Christmas Gift List

December 4, 2017

Have you ever Googled 'Christmas gifts for Psychotherapists'. No? Well we did and it came up with some amusing yet somewhat obvious results. From prints with Maslow's Heirachy to mugs emblazoned with the words "Worlds Best Therapist". Personally I thought it might be more amusing to find a mug that stated "Imperfect but Good Enough Therapist" but i guess it just doesn't have the same ring to it. 


As you can imagine our search sparked quite a lengthy conversation about whether it's appropriate for clients to give their Therapists gifts. The general consensus being, probably not. Damn you ethics!


Well we did a bit more digging and came up with our "tongue in cheek" Therapist's Christmas Gift List. So if you have a loved one, friend or colleague who's a Therapist you might just find the perfect gift for them here. Well maybe..




The 'T' ..Hell Yeah!


available from  Etsy


 We had to include one



available from  Etsy





available from  Etsy


We all have it!



available from  Etsy


It wouldn't be complete without him, Freud




available from  Etsy


Something for the "sidekick"?

available from  Etsy


Carl Jung ..funny, I always imaged him as cool blue



available from  Etsy


Therapy is AWESOME!! (I know you're singing the song)



available from  Etsy


The Brain Keyring. Just so we never lose it.



available from  Etsy


Freud and his shadow ..the intrigue



available from  Etsy


Banksy. We've made it!!


available from  Etsy


Pop culture


available from Amazon




Get it? Freudian Slip-pers ..ohhh yes they went there




available from Amazon





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