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New Life and You During Lockdown

When we first went into lockdown my thoughts went to mums who were needing to homeschool and balance everything else that life was throwing at them. Also to mums that where facing having babies on their own in a hospital when we were in a world pandemic.

My heart really went out to the mums that were not able to have their friends round to see baby, or their parents to have their first cuddle. The special time that could never be given back. I was really concerned there were many mums suffering in silence and with no home visits taking place these mums were left suffering not knowing who to turn to.

Without people visiting there were so many concerns that I had:

  • Mums not recognising their own declining mental health, its so easy for any new mum to think they are suffering because they are tired.

  • Mums too embarrassed to say over the phone how they are feeling.

  • It could be that first time mums are struggling with their mental health and are unsure of who to turn to for help or are scared of reaching out.

  • Many mums are fearful of explaining how they feel due to being scared of the consequences.

All these emotions will be intensified when alone with no one to talk to face to face.

New mums being unable to join any groups and meet other new mums. I know this is where I met many new friends and some I still stay in touch with 13 years later.

For some mums they have now returned back to work after spending all maternity leave in lockdown or virtual lockdown. The fear of going back to work could be a worry for many of the mums as their work place may have changed so much during their time off.

As we are now in another full lockdown I wanted to offer some advice to new mums who are struggling with their mental health.

  • Find someone you trust to talk to.

  • Don’t compare yourself with others.

  • Take notice of the impact social media is having on your mental health.

  • Try and go for a walk as often as possible with your baby.

  • Join online local baby groups as a way of connecting with new mums.

  • Be honest with your midwife/ health visitor, its nothing that they won't have heard before.

When planning going back to work talk to your employer and plan a staged return if needed to help with confidence and establishing a new routine.

Finally offer yourself some care ...when a baby is born so is a new women.

Author's Bio


Kate Blakemore is the Founder, Director and Counsellor at Motherwell CIC, a service provided for women by women, promoting positive health and wellbeing, offering a range of educational services, holistic therapies and mental health support.

Kate is also a presenter on Redshift radio, presenting the Mums' Hour Show.

If you would like more information about accessing Motherwell Cheshire’s services please email

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