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Until I remembered a number of sharings, Of personal stories Of moments of loss and gain. Hospitals. Intravenous drips. Transfusions.

A walk along an old street. The sun hidden behind Thin clouds. I remember Trees whispering with intent. Offering scents of a tomorrow We both couldn’t grasp.

I was swept up in a story Of lifting awareni. But was falling. Like dry leaves from Branches overhead. Those trees!

I remember the warm Glow. The awkwardness. The unsaid.

The conversation belied Contact that seemed Omnipresent and Yet scant. We danced closely In minds held by Other times.

Never to meet Intimately. But to be held Fondly as memories Of what could have been. Remaining as a gift, A laugh, a humming ache With no short answer.

To dare, To dream and never Arrive at picture book Endings. Feeling as though Everything is possible. Yet be damned by distance Confusing


By Michael Opoku-Forfieh


Resources Inspired by H.E.R. Could Have Been Cassandra Speaks Unlocking Us interview with Elizabeth Lesser

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