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Dear Damian - a letter of hope

A letter written by Damian to himself.

This letter gives Damian hope. He also finds the process of writing the letter incredibly therapeutic.

Dear Damian,

How are you? I am writing this letter in case you are feeling down and crushed about things which sometimes happen.

Just remember this feeling doesn’t last forever. You are going through an awful lot of the moment and you are dealing with it hands on. Not many people would have gone through what you did growing up or even to this day.

Anxiety, depression are tough to deal with. Look how much progress you have made over the years. Do not forget that almost six years ago you were coping with a load that no one your age should have to cope with. Do not forget either, you passed your final exams and awaiting your graduation. That is a feat that many would not be able to do. You are made of steel.

Six years on, you are making a life for yourself in London. You are nearly here two years and are making great progress in your career. You have passed exams too, made some good friends and you will make more in this journey that you are on. Don’t forget that beautiful girlfriend that you have and love with all this world.

Be thankful for the things you have in your life at the moment. Give it a few years and you will be saving for a house and earning good money. Never forget the small things in life, what you believe in and the values that you have. Also do not be afraid to accept change. You have done that so much in the past few years. Be thankful that you have excellent support around you and it’s deserved. Damian you truly deserve it. Remember in life things happen for a reason.

Take care my friend,


Authors Bio


Damian Kelly is 27 years old and lives in London where he works as an insurance professional. He grew up in the West of Ireland and previously wrote an article in the Irish Post for World Mental Health Day. Mental Health is a passion of his and he aims to promote hope and recovery as much as he can.

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