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Books: Stand Tall Little Girl - Facing up to anorexia

Introducing Hope Virgo's book, Stand Tall Little Girl, now in its second edition. A personal account of a young woman fighting for her life and now standing tall she fights for others.

Now a leading social activist for better treatment for eating disorders, Hope Virgo shares the story of how her own battles with anorexia inspired her to speak out on behalf of those who can’t.

For four years Hope Virgo fought a gruelling internal battle, keeping her anorexia hidden from friends and family. Having pushed her health to breaking point, and with her skin turning yellow and her heart failing, it became impossible to hide. Barely recognisable, she was admitted to a mental health hospital in 2007.

Twelve years on, Hope has been in recovery from anorexia for over a decade. But it hasn't always been an easy ride, and after a relapse in 2016 where she was refused help for “not being thin enough”, she knew she needed to raise awareness about the disease that almost took her life.

So, in August 2018, Hope launched the #DumpTheScales campaign, which calls on the government to review their guidance on support for eating disorders. Since then, with relentless campaigning, her petition has gained over 90,000 signatures and counting.

This second edition of Stand Tall Little Girl is the inspiring account of how Hope fought back from rock bottom, built a healthy life for herself, and used her story to effect real change for others suffering from the same devastating condition.

Praise for Stand Tall Little Girl

This honest account of Hope’s struggle with anorexia is both insightful and an inspirational story of recovery. Her openness tackles the stigma around mental health. This is a must read book.

– Dame Kelly Holmes

Hope writes with incredible honesty and openness, her journey is truly inspirational, not just to those with mental health struggles but to all humankind.

– Jonny Benjamin, MBE


Hope Virgo is a leading international and award winning advocate for people with eating disorders. She spearheaded the #DumpTheScales campaign which calls on the government to review the eating disorder guidance delivered by clinicians. In addition, Hope works with young people and employers to deal with the rising tide of mental health issues. Hope lives and works in London, runs marathons and has a keen interest in exercise and maintaining good mental health.

Support Hope's Campaign at #DumpTheScales


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