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Give the Gift of Wellbeing with Our Festive Gift Guide

Whether you think you're on the naughty or the nice list this Christmas, I bet we'll all be deserving of a little R n' R by the time the festivities are underway. What with all the extra running around we do at this time of year, from writing our lists (and checking them twice) to shopping trips that look more like army manoeuvres than an enjoyable afternoon out.

With this in mind we've teamed up with Etsy to create a list of fabulous finds, taking a bit of the stress out of shopping. From gifts emblazoned with inspirational mantras to those much needed wellness boxes and a couple of hobby ideas we could all try. All made with love by small independent business owners, hobby businesses and crafters and delivered to your door.

Giving the gift of wellbeing to all those nice (and naughty) friends and family couldn't be easier.

'Me Time' is a phrase that really gets to the heart of self-care and the understanding that "self-care isn't selfish, it's essential".

Why not give yourself or a friend permission, with your own special #MeTime spoon. For those me time moments with a mindful cuppa or perhaps for that "I'm treating myself" favourite ice-cream, straight from the tub. Snuggled under a cosy blanket on the sofa with a romantic comedy. Come on ...we all do it.


The Mantra. There is great power in words and generally we each have one or two mantras or motivational sayings that hold particular resonance for us. A mantra received can also feel like confirmation that someone else believes in you and that you can achieve what you want.

Psychologically mantras can be powerfully motivating. Which makes these personalised pieces a truly heartfelt gift, not just to others but to ourselves too.


Terrariums. The gift that keeps on giving. Too corny? O.K. But what's not to love.

As one of our hobby ideas, they're bang on trend at the moment and really enjoyable to put together. One might even say relaxing and perfect for people who lack those much coveted green thumbs. They're great for rooms where you lack space or would like a less cluttered look but still want some plant life. Like a therapy room perhaps. After all plants do promote calm and enhance wellbeing.


Jane Foster's Colouring Book.

For those of you who are still in love with the whole Scandi Theme. I know I am. We found this little gem. A beautiful colouring book influenced by Scandinavian design. And with over 50 illustrations of birds and animals, flowers and fauna, both adults and children are sure to be inspired to pick up those pencils.

And as if that wasn't enough. This fabulous book comes to you signed, with a signed bird print. It's just the perfect gift, in my book.

available from Jane Foster at Etsy


108 Anahata Mala Beads.

A thoughtful gift to anyone who is into Yoga or meditation. Not simply a beautiful adornment, these beads are a symbolic and powerful tool to meditation. And Corrina from Dakini tells us that "Pink opal vibrates at a gentle frequency, enhancing its calming and soothing effect on the emotional body". I feel calmer already.

available from Dakini at Etsy


The Yarn Lovers Gift Box.

This truly is delightful, a veritable feast to behold. And when you've done looking at all of the lovely bits n' bobs included in this, the second of our hobby choices, you can create gifts for others with it too. If you like.

They don't call it the Yarn Lovers Gift Box for nothing..

New Hobby anyone?


A fabulous Colouring Calendar.

Now we're all aware by now of the wellbeing benefits to colouring and how useful it can be to relieve stress but this lovely little item really does take things to a whole new arena.

Each month of this unique calendar is different and has been lovingly created with handmade linocut stamps, hand printing the patterns.

Disguised as a practical gift, we love that this makes colouring accessible to everyone, not just the adult colouring aficionados. Every month of the year!


'The Gift Box'

We couldn't have a wellbeing gift list without one really and the lovely Alice from Love Peaches has created the perfect Christmas themed self-care box. Including lots of Christmas scented goodies and the perfect book for those cold, frosty nights. The little Book of Hygge. Choc full of recipes and wellbeing tips for a calmer, stress free life.

It's like giving a wellbeing wish in a box.

available from Love Peaches at Etsy

..wishing you all a Holiday Season filled with Love, Kindness and as much Rest and Relaxation as you need xx

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