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5 Reasons Writing Helps Your Sanity

Not everyone can find a person to listen to them. Most people find that even families cannot understand their pain, yearnings and longings.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), 18% of the population of the United States are affected by anxiety disorders. And only one-third of them receive treatment.

Not everyone is aware that they are have this type of disorder. Some just took it as a struggling phase of their life. And that it should be over anytime soon. There are even some who are afraid to admit that they need to see a doctor and that their condition needs treatment. But there are some cases that are manageable and perhaps could be remedied with the right person to talk with or something to do, which leads me to suggesting writing and its benefits.

Did you know that writing is one of the ways therapists use to help their patients? In an article written by Margarita Tartakovsky of Psychcentral, writing can be therapeutic as well. It says that when you write, it helps us track our thoughts and feelings which may deliver us to identifying the exact issues that we are dealing with. It helps us open up to things we normally evade due to refusal to accept negative things or from thinking too much.

To help you understand the benefits of writing, here are some things it could do that may help you cope :

Writing is like a friend who listens

If finding a friend who wants to listen seems like a struggle, you can write. By picking up

the pen or putting your hands on that keyboard, you have an alternative in which you can share your thoughts, ideas and issues.

What’s better is that, with writing, there is no judgment. Whatever you share, you will find no one to criticize your worst decisions, your silly mistakes or your dumb antics that left you feeling miserable.

Writing lessens the emotional burden and stress

In life, you will find that some things you cannot afford to share and even discuss with any person. Not even to your dearest friend.

If you are in this sort of situation, the best place to express those words is through a blank sheet of paper or a blank word processor. There is no better way to chip away at those stressful thoughts than to have it expressed or written.

If you are mad, say it.

If you are sad, say it.

If you are confused, talk about it.

Writing is a way to send a message to the world

There are some issues that need to be told. A voice can sometimes be useful, but writing can be even more effective in conveying a message.

If your conflict is external, writing a letter can help clarify some of the things that are misunderstood. If you want to give a straight message that will not be interrupted nor be easily neglected, put it to paper.

Furthermore, if you want to reach out , write an article or blog. There is more of an audience online if that is your cause.

Handwriting makes you learn faster

Did you know that writing manually or by hand makes it easier to retain information than just typing it on the keyboard?

In an article in Huffington Post, it says that when you want to remember the things that you write, you are better to do it handwritten. So, if you are too stressed out or too distracted by other issues that you find yourself unable to learn, try writing it through your very own hand.

Writing heals

According to BJPsych Advances, writing can help lower blood pressure and improve physical and psychological health.

Vicky Leaney published an article that discussed how she managed to cope with severe depression. Her husband would give her 3 words to which she would write poems for each word. Dramatically, it helped her conquer her situation.

Anger, sadness and other negative emotions can be handled when you do expressive writing. Stating the things that made you feel a certain way and releasing that emotion throughout the process can lessen the accumulated stress.

Although writing cannot be considered a complete solution, it certainly can be helpful, including maintaining focus.

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Herbert is a creative writer at He values the importance of family towards his craft, and travels to give his writing a fresher perspective. He is fond of hiking, biking, and engaging in extreme sports.

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