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Winners Announced at inaugural NLP Awards

At a black tie dinner on Saturday 29th April 2017 as part of the International NLP Conference held at The Park Inn by Radisson at Heathrow, the winners were announced in the inaugural NLP Awards held in association with Macmillan Cancer Support who received the profits from the evening.

For all awards apart from Lifetime Achievement, Macmillan Cancer Support were presented with a shortlist from which they made the final selection of the winner in order to make the selection based on the merits of the nomination.

The Award for NLP in Business was presented to Sue Knight.

In choosing Sue, Macmillan Cancer Support (Macmillan) commented – “Sue’s fantastic work in introducing NLP to businesses is demonstrated in her international best selling book – NLP at Work - which is now in its third edition. She had been described as having a unique style of training with the ability to demonstrate her personal brand of humour and proactive coaching styles in her public speaking to large audiences. She has clearly got a fantastic spirit and has been able to engage with businesses and others, delivering some really invaluable training to others.”

The Award for NLP in Education was awarded to Patrick Cordell.

Macmillan commented, “Patrick’s work delivering the NLP skills to help primary school pupils in Northern Ireland has obviously had such a positive impact as he has bee asked to use his NLP skills further by taking the Art of Brilliance in to more schools in Northern Ireland where it is so badly needed. Patrick could clearly recognise the need for what he has delivered and was able to demonstrate clear outcomes in terms of what he wanted to achieve. He has received some fantastic feedback even from the pupils themselves, which shows exactly the impact he and his great work has had.”

The Award for NLP in Healthcare was awarded to Bob Bodenhamer.

Macmillan said, “Bob’s nomination stood out to us because of the amount of fantastic testimonials that were provided. Upon reading these we could see what a significant contribution Bob has made using NLP to help people become more fluent in their speech. To see he has helped over 200 people with their stutters and developed them is incredible. His work has obviously made a huge difference and is continuing to do so as he continues to work on his front.”

The Award for NLP Internationally was awarded to Richard Bolstad.

Macmillan commented, “Richard’s nomination stood out to us as we could really see the difference he has made being an international NLP trainer in many parts of the world. He delivers with integrity and precision and has offered some invaluable help to people traumatised in the aftermath of earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan. He has also provided help in the aftermath of war in Eastern European countries. He has been described as “modest and very personable” and reading about the difference his NLP work has made, especially in response to a crisis, is pretty amazing.”

The Award for NLP in Public Service or The Community was awarded to Alan Johnson.

Comments from Macmillan were “Alan’s work on delivering NLP training with the Durham Constabulary over the past 30 months has obviously had a hugely positive impact across the force. He has provided one to one coaching and ensured over 250 staff members have attended the NLP Foundation diploma. Some of the feedback provided told us that Alan has a great delivery style and a real-life approach to NLP. He has made the teams feel valued and the Constabulary as a whole are very grateful to have his experience and support. This is a very well deserved award in our eyes – fantastic work.”

The Award for Making a Difference with NLP was presented to Neil Almond.

Macmillan said, “Neil has clearly had a real impact on the young people he has worked with as several years on, some of them still talk about the difference he made in their lives. He was nominated on more than one occasion and each time it was very apparent that the values he holds and practices have such a positive e impact on the work he does. He is clearly a very well respected social entrepreneur and has done some fantastic work in supporting young people. This is all evidenced in the supporting material provided.

The Lifetime Achievement Award, awarded following a public vote, was presented to Tad James for his services to the NLP Community over many years and collected on his behalf by David Shephard. Tad is the creator of Time Line Therapy® techniques and has worked tirelessly to drive the development of NLP and NLP training. His development of structured audio products for multi media learning and training enabled him to create the first 7 day Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification. His transition from radio and business consulting was inspired by Tony Robbins and he worked alongside Richard Bandler, Wyatt Woodsmall and others to create the first NLP Trainer’s Training. Tad was made the second NLP Master Trainer by Richard Bandler.

Karen Moxom, Chief Executive of ANLP, the Independent Association for the NLP Community, said “The NLP Awards are our chance to shout from the rooftops, be proud of the profession we represent and celebrate those who really are using NLP to make a difference out there in the real world. In my mind, this event is the NLP profession’s equivalent to any other Awards ceremony…an annual celebration of all that is good in our community.”

The 2018 Awards will be presented as part of the NLP International Conference which will be held at The Park Inn next year on 18th – 20th May with a keynote on the 18th from Robert Dilts and Ian McDermott.

If you'd like to find out more about NLP or to join them at their 2018 Conference and Awards you can do so here.

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