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Your Souls Purpose in Your Business

Most of us, as children, naturally flow into the activities that we love. Somehow, we instinctively know what makes our hearts sing

But, sadly, along the way this natural urge often becomes thwarted by the fears and limited beliefs of those around us. Other people’s ideas of what is right or wrong can become our compass for what is right or wrong, and so we change and we sacrifice our natural instincts of what we are here to do, to the safety of being accepted and liked.

I believe our soul purpose lies somewhere in between a concoction of our life’s Journey, from the family we were born into, from the natural traits we exude from a young age and the biggest life challenges our journey has taken us.

As a child I was extremely sensitive. I was brought up in the strong Roman Catholic faith, the eldest of nine children, and being of service and doing what was deemed “right” were such huge themes in my life.

I am one of life’s natural caregivers, what some might call a nurturer. From a very young age I had various rare health challenges which meant from the age of 19 I had to constantly adapt and try different careers to coincide with my increasing limitations and fluctuations in health. By my early twenties I was predominately housebound, but through harsh determination over 7 years studying and trying everything I could around holistic wellbeing, I managed to improve my health enough to become a professional holistic therapist. I became self-employed as a coach, healer, therapist and then professional teacher/trainer, despite having many limitations including having to sleep up to 14 hours a day, which included an afternoon nap between contracts and clients.

Fortunately for me I have always believed in my core that we all have greater potential than we believe is possible for us. I certainly don’t believe everything comes easily, as I am testament to that. I really have faced very extreme health challenges and battles with very little support from main stream medicine.

But I deeply feel our soul purpose is often far more obvious than we see. As compassionate therapists and healers we train in many disciplines and often get so caught up in the modality of teachings that we fail to see that clients are attracted to us by our vibration, our unique frequency, a combination of our natural archetypal traits, our gifts, life story and life challenges.

For many years, I employed a variety of therapists for contract work and most of these heart-based therapists couldn’t see their most powerful natural gifts, instead constantly comparing themselves with others. But in each and every one of them I could see their uniqueness and I tried to support and encourage that.

The greatest gifts we have are often the most natural gifts we shine beyond the limitations we set for ourselves. It took me approximately 14 years as a self-employed therapist to truly see the power in this truth. You may think you are a counsellor, a therapist, coach or healer but you are so much more than this. You are a spiritual being, with unlimited potential. And you are a human being who, through life’s challenges have had many opportunities to allow your unique spiritual light, your essence to shine through. This is your signature. You are one of kind, a never-to-be-repeated phenomenon in the history of the Universe, and you owe it to yourself to be who you came here to be. This courage, and unique vibration is waiting to be expressed in the world.

The gifts and life experiences that make you unique have to be demonstrated in your online marketing. Inject your uniqueness into your branding, your marketing and how you carry yourself as a one-of-a kind therapist. Make sure you own that unique essence, brand and your business and services with these ingredients and your soul purpose will continue to unfold. Allow yourself to be the brilliant being you are.


Eileen Burns is the owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Business Success she supports professional therapists and coaches find and market their souls purpose in their online marketing.

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