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Let's Walk Together For Bipolar Disorder

The more challenging the path, the stronger you come out walking on it.

I was a successful entrepreneur whose world was abruptly torn apart 14 years ago.I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

An agonising few years and then it was a long, arduous haul back up.

A fantastic Psychiatrist and a loving family were the foundation of my turnaround.

What also helped was my belief that all of this was temporary, that I had it in me to come out shining.

Yoga, meditation, creative visualisation, breathing techniques, all played their part and I read like there was no tomorrow!

Bipolar Disorder had meanwhile gifted me with the creative skill of writing. I wrote extensively. First, on my personal Blog, which helped a writer find his voice. Then, I extended my ability to inspire to an online community for my tribe, the first and only one of its kind in India,, a virtual Peer Support Group.

Soon, we had a global readership with over a million visitors.

More importantly, despite the immense stigma, conversations began in earnest. People actually shared their stories on our site. We have gone offline too, in the form of monthly Peer Support Meets in Mumbai, again a first in India. We also have facilitated experts in the form of a few committed healthcare professionals who are able to offer support via Skype or email.

I have also penned a book about my recovery journey and thankfully it is helping its target audience!

Last year on March 30th, we organised the first and only public event in India to spread awareness about Bipolar Disorder. We will be ding the same again this year.

What makes this event so significant?

Bipolar Disorder is a serious mental illness. The size of the threat can be gauged by the fact that fifteen million Indians are estimated to be affected by this debilitating condition. It is counted among major long term disabilities, more so because the onset of the illness is at typically around adolescence and treatment is typically called for lifelong. Awareness about Bipolar Disorder is dismal in India, unlike physical counterparts such as diabetes or cancer.

What's not visible is not easily understood or acknowledged

Every effort should be made to educate and raise awareness and understanding of Bipolar Disorder.

Bipolar Disorder can certainly be managed with the right care. With regular treatment or therapy people have been known to lead highly successful lives. All the more reason to spread hope and inspire people.

Few people can gauge the magnitude of the problem that mental health has on Indians, both young and old, poor and rich.

Steps must be taken to build bridges of outreach and support with urgent intent. The event on the 30th of March is just such an opportunity to be a responsible citizen, to help even in a small way.

What's in store for the audience at this event? Stories inspire and transform lives.

Listen to the inspiring stories of people who have lived experience of Bipolar Disorder and are brave enough to share their journeys.

Experts such as - Psychiatrist Dr Milan Balakrishnan and Psychotherapist/CBT therapist H'vovi Bhagwagar and noted Yoga teacher Shammi Gupta will all be giving presentations at the event.

Nutrition & Fitness Experts Mahakmitra & Saurabh will then join the other experts in an interactive panel discussion with Q & A session to follow.

This Year Bipolar India has Gracious Support!

Mrs. Earth 2016, Priyanka Khurana Goyal has all too willingly shown keen interest in promoting the cause of Mental Health Awareness. Priyanka, is not just a gorgeous woman who has won multiple Beauty Pageants, but is also Executive Director of Nomura Securities, Japan.

Be moved by her commitment to social causes.

Do you know of anybody depressed, withdrawn, or appearing to have low mood? Get that person along with you to S P Jain Auditorium, Bombay Hospital at 5 pm on Event day.

Spread the word among your friends and colleagues.

Who knows, you could be helping turn someone's life around.

As our tagline goes, Let's Walk Together.

Vijay Nallawala Storyteller, Personal Branding Coach, Author & Bipolar Tribe Leader. Let's Walk Together...

For further details and to lend support in any way, you may visit our website

or contact the Founder of this community at: on Twitter

Join us in raising awareness with these hashtags

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