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Book Launch: Spiritual Science by Steve Taylor

'Why Science Needs Spirituality To Make Sense Of The World'

Spiritual Science brings a new vision of the world - one that is compatible with both modern science and ancient spiritual teachings and is supported by the insights of philosophers, physicists, mystics, as well as spiritual traditions and indigenous cultures.

Taylor - who is himself a scientist - argues that the human consciousness, neuroplasticity near-death experiences, the healing powers of the human mind, psychic phenomena such as telepathy and premonitions, and spiritual awakenings cannot be explained from a conventional scientific perspective.

Spiritual Science shows that all of these phenomena are real, and make sense from a spiritual perspective that sees spirit or consciousness as a fundamental essence of reality. alternative view of evolution, as purposeful process of the unfolding and intensification of consciousness.​

Throughout the book, Taylor presents a great deal of evidence, covering areas such as:

  • how terminally people can sometimes postpone death, with studies showing that rates of mortality decrease prior to culturally significant events (like Christmas or Passover) and then increase afterwards

  • how the placebo effect is so powerful that people report healing after 'sham surgery' in which surgeons do not perform any interventions

  • how in near-death experiences people who are clinically dead can apparently witness specific and unusual events, later verified by the medical professionals who treat them

  • the amazing self-healing and painkilling effects of hypnosis

  • the amazing ability of the brain to adapt to injury, including cases of people who lacked massive amounts of normal brain tissue but were still able to live normal lives.

The worldview of conventional materialist science is bleak and barren, but Steve Taylor makes a compelling case for a spiritual vision of reality. He presents a vision of a sacred and interconnected world, and of a meaningful and purposeful human life.

“With elegance and lucidity, Steve Taylor explains why spiritual science is the only hope for humanity. A science based on the superstition of matter as fundamental reality could lead to our extinction but a science grounded in the understanding of consciousness as a fundamental reality – as described by this book – could be our saving grace.”

- Deepak Chopra, MD Chopra Foundation

Spiritual Science is released on the 20th September - Pick up your copy here

*Paperback £12.99

About the Author of Spiritual Science

Steve Taylor PHD is a senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, and the author of several best-selling books on psychology and spirituality. His books include Waking From Sleep, The fall, Out Of Darkness, Back To Sanity, and his latest book The Leap, published by Eckhart Tolle, who has described his work as 'an important contribution to the shift of consciousness which is happening on our planet at present'.

His books have been published in 19 languages, while his articles and essays have been published in over 50 academic journals, magazines and newspapers, including The Guardian. The Daily Express, Philosophy Now, The Journal of Humanistic Psychology and others. He regularly appears in the media in the UK, and has recently been featured on BBCRadio 5, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC World TV, and BBC World Service radio.

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